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April 4 – Afternoon
Visite Citadelle Port Louis (musée de la Marine et musée de la compagnie des Indes)
The citadel of Port Louis and its remparts :
Immerse yourself in the history of the citadel of Port Louis and its remparts and embark for 400 years of history. From the Fort of the Eagle of the Spaniards to the citadel occupied during the Second World War passing by the passage of Vauban, you will know everything about its secrets. The theme of the Museum of the East India Company, unique in France, brings the visitor back to the extraordinary history of the great trading companies of the 17th and 18th centuries. Ship models, prints, old maps, Indo-European furniture, Chinese porcelain, Indian cotton goods are all testimonies of this incredible maritime epic. It is this quest for precious goods that led the agents of the Company, after long and perilous marine journeys, on the shores of Africa, Orient, Asia and America to build counters of which the names still resonate with this adventurous past: Ouiddah, Moka, Pondicherry, Chandernagor, Pegu, Canton …

April 5  – Morning
Cité de la Voile
Visite Cité de la Voile (matin)
The Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly invites you on a tour with 7 stopovers : more than 3 hours of sailing and offshore racing discovery! Keep your eyes wide open, an ocean adventure awaits you in Lorient in our fun and dynamic museographic area with films, tactile activities, simulators, 4D cinema and more. A unique discovery in the sailing world in the wake of Éric Tabarly, an extraordinary sailor, a passionate pioneer and a great designer. A magnificent family-orientated exhibition!

April 5  – Afternoon Balade sous voile

You leave the pontoons of the Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly for a nautical ride against the backdrop of the Citadel of Port-Louis, Ile de Groix … Our skipper adapts to the public: from the demonstration to the participation in the maneuvers according to the level and the envy of each one. This one-hour boat trip offers a unique discovery of the Lorient harbor, combining tourist comments and practical piloting exercises: locating beacons, priorities, etc., to validate the new knowledge of the apprentice navigators.

EQUIPMENT : The Cité de la Voile provides you with the appropriate equipment: lifejackets, windbreakers, lockers for your belongings.
TERMS OF ACCESS : To swim, child over 20 kg and over 1.20 m.

April 6  – Morning
Visite des faïenceries

Founded in Quimper in 1690, the HB-Henriot Manufacture has always innovated and worked with artists since this date. Nowadays, HB-Henriot is well known all over the world for its know-how :
the “Quimper paint touch” and the tradition of producing and hand-painting every piece  in-house as well as the creation of its own moulds.


April 6 – Afternoon Visite guidée de Quimper
Quimper is labeled City of Art and History through the quality of its architectural heritage:  St Corentin cathedral, houses of the XVIth and XVIIth centuries alongside the remparts and the River Odet, district of Locmaria , museums, bustling shopping streets,  browse the medieval city and the bridges of the XIX th century, find echoes of the market

April 7  – Morning
Musée de Pont Aven
The Museum: Collection and Display

Enjoy an unforgettable journey of artistic discovery in the heart of this village of painters! The new Museum of Pont-Aven offers an original, dynamic and enriching experience for the entire family. The display includes around 200 paintings and graphic artworks, immersing visitors in the aesthetic style of the famous “Pont-Aven School”, characterised by blocks of pure colour and simplified forms separated by contours. Various educational multimedia tools enable visitors to understand the ar-tistic energy which blossomed in Pont-Aven at the end of the 19th century thanks to Paul Gauguin, Émile Bernard, Paul Sérusier and Maurice Denis.